Do you like the BMW 3 Series?

BMW has proved for years that their automobiles are of the highest quality, performance and standards. The discount new BMW 3 Series has continued to perform ranked as BMW’s highest selling models. The BMW 3 Series has a car for every driver: The Sedan, the Touring, the Coupe and the Convertible. Each car is unique, meeting the individual needs of the driver. Some of the key characteristics of the BMW 3 Series is the advanced engine designs, the efficiency, the high safety standards, and the smooth, sleek driving experience owners get with a discount new BMW.

Here are some of the particular specs to consider:

Engine Developments

  • Using Twin Power Turbo technology, the BMW 3 Series has increased the engine power up to 225 kW (306 hp) accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.6 seconds.
  • New designs using a combination of aluminum and magnesium have created engines in the series that are faster, lighter and perform to new levels and efficiencies.
  • Developments in fuel injection technology using piezo injections allow the vehicle to burn less fuel with a higher output of power using a combination of Valvetronic and direct petrol injections.
  • Aluminum components in diesel engines have made a significant weight reduction giving the vehicles a quicker and more precise turbo charger fuel injection system with a fuel consumption of 5.7L/100km
  • Standard six-speed transmission shifts seamlessly from gear to gear without a loss in power. Double clutch systems respond instantly with small shifts distributing the main torque to the rear wheels

Vehicle Efficiencies

  • In four-cylinder manual transmission vehicles the Auto Start Stop Function reduces emissions, unnecessary engine idling and fuel burning when the clutch is disengaged. Once re-engaged, the car automatically restarts as your journey continues.
  • All diesel engine vehicles are equipped with proper filtrations and precision fuel injection systems to reduce emissions and unnecessary burning of fuels.
  • Electromechanical power steering reduces power and fuel that is used to maintain steering in a traditional hydraulic system. Using an electric motor, fuel and power is used only when steering is employed not while maintaining a consistent angle
  • Manual transmissions are equipped with a gear shift indicator—this technology displays the gear the vehicle ideally should be in given the driving conditions, speed and load. This increases fuel efficiencies and ensures top engine performance
  • BMW’s Brake Energy Regeneration development converts your car’s kinetic energy (momentum) into electric energy to recharge your battery and save fuel
  • Manual diesel sedan is equipped with a particle filter, oxidising converter, and catalytic converter to reduce harmful emissions and control nitric oxide levels.

Safety Performance

BMW has taken the time to pay attention to the most important details of driving: your safety.

  • Active Cruise Control is a new technology allowing the driver to set the desired speed and concentrate on driving. When the vehicle begins to approach a slower moving vehicle ahead, the sensors automatically slow your vehicle until the lane is clear again and the vehicle will regain its initial speed.
  • Highly developed sensors in the Xenon Adaptive headlights to curves in the road, the vehicle’s speed and steering angle in order to give you a wider view with the lights always fixed on the road
  • Tyre Pressure Indicator alerts you when there is a change in tyre pressure. With tyre enhancements and special side reinforcements you are able to drive an additional 150 km following a puncture.
  • An image sensor on your mirror monitors light conditions and automatically turns your highbeams on and off depending on the sensed need operating as a High Beam Assistant
  • Equipped with necessary airbags, restraint sensors, and force limiters in the event of a collision
  • Strategically placed crossbars in the doors, reinforcements in the car’s body, and target crumple zones create a protective shell for the car’s occupants

In choosing a model from the BMW 3 Series, you can rest assured that extreme measures have been taken to satisfy you as the driver. Purchasing your car from a dealership may be your first instinct but utilizing an online car purchasing company such as will not only put you in the driver’s seat to order the exact car  you want but will save you thousands of pounds! Though dealerships may offer you a free tank of petrol or a seemingly significant discount according to them, will save you even more and give you the reassurance of ordering a brand new car at the lowest possible prices. Furthermore, you will still be buying locally and through the same dealers but at a significantly reduced price with many other benefits.

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