People for Rowe

Kate Faragher Houghton
Steve has a long record of collaborative and successful initiatives making Maine a safer place for people affected by interpersonal violence. He has been honored by both the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence and the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Violence for his successes in changing laws and raising awareness through initiatives focused on domestic violence and the workplace, stalking, protection from abuse orders and firearms, education of salon professionals, and enlisting other men to take on these issues. Steve recognizes the connection between people’s safety and well-being and the overall health and stability of our State and economy. It’s one thing to say that you care about the painful experiences of your friends and neighbors, it’s another to do something about it. This is just one example of how Steve works. He is ready to fight for what he believes in. Steve brings people together to solve problems and get the job done. He is an extremely resourceful leader.

Beth Edmonds
Steve Rowe has the experience, compassion and vision that is needed in the coming period. I trust Steve to think about jobs and workers and everything in between. Steve has my full support.

Lisa Miller
I’m supporting Steve because I think he is an honest, stand-up guy who says what needs to be said about building a future for Maine. He is also the rare politician who actually listens to people. And, most importantly, his issues are my issues– policies that promote safe, nurturing families; adequate health care with a focus on prevention; strong educational systems; and the importance of strengthening safety net services.

Penthea Burns
It was an easy choice who to support for Governor. No other candidate brings as much strength to this race as does Steve. He is a person of strong character and ethics, he understands how government can impact its citizenry and cares deeply about Maine. His plan to bring jobs will draw on the best resources in Maine and will pay a living wage. He will engage Mainers in creating the solutions that fit the kind of life we want to have in Maine. Steve is hands down the best person for the job!

Carol Kontos
Steve Rowe was first my legislative colleague but quickly became my friend, and I strongly support him for governor. Why? Because he has the unquestionable integrity and intellectual capacity to affect significant public policy. Why? Because he has the kind of commitment and poise necessary to remain steadfast to his principles. Why? Because he will attract fresh thinking and idealism to the executive branch of government. Why? Because he is exactly the kind of leader Maine needs at this time.

Lisa Miller
I’m supporting Steve because I think he is an honest, stand-up guy who says what needs to be said about building a future for Maine. He is also the rare politician who actually listens to people. And, most importantly, his issues are my issues– policies that promote safe, nurturing families; adequate health care with a focus on prevention; strong educational systems; and the importance of strengthening safety net services.

Terry Hayes
Steve has taken on some tough fights for Maine people and won. We need his integrity, intelligence, and leadership in the Blaine House.

Amy Fischer
I have known Steve Rowe since 1992. Through many differing roles—as a family man, a state legislator, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives and as Attorney General for the State of Maine, has has consistently demonstrated a presence, a commitment and total dedication to achieving the very best for the citizens of the State of Maine. He deeply cares about his own family and the welfare of all people in Maine as though they were his family, especially those at a disadvantage. His broad background includes a stint in the military, raising a family in Maine, a law degree, work in the corporate sector, experience in the legislature, election to a leadership position and accomplishments in government administration. He works hard to achieve goals no matter the challenge. He is intelligent, down to earth, insightful, kind and most of all a man of enormous integrity. It has been said that he has a strong moral compass. What more could qualify a person to guide the state toward a more sustainable future.

Karin Anderson
I’m Rowe-ing for Steve because of his intelligence, integrity, compassion, and experience — all of which we need for Maine,and her people, to move forward.

Karen Heck
I’m supporting Steve because he has been there for women and children throughout his career. Any man who’s willing to be in Aroostook for breakfast and Oxford after dinner to speak out about the need for men to be involved in stopping domestic violence and sexual assault has my vote. We need all of our residents to be able to develop their full potential if we’re to prosper as a state. Steve understands that…and acts on it. He has my heart and my vote.

Joanne D’Arcangelo
Steve is a person of great integrity – what he says is exactly what he believes; and he has never failed to do exactly what he says he will do. We as Mainers have been so lucky that he has brought this ethic to his work as a public servant. He also knows how to listen to people and to work with them; he treats them with respect, and he leads by example, with compassion and with strength. I am so proud to be supporting Steve Rowe for Governor.

Betsy Sweet
I have been waiting years to be able to support Steve for Governor! Working with him as a legislator, Speaker of the House and Attorney General has made it clear to me that he will be an amazing Chief Executive. He is smart as hell, has more integrity in his little finger than most politicians – actually most people – and he “gets it”. He gets the importance of child care; the societal impact of domestic violence; he gets that the state’s priorities are reflected in the budget – and that the budget is a values statement as well as a spending and income statement; he gets that it is important to stand up strong for what you believe in; and, he gets that he needs to have women and women’s voices at every table. Electing Steve as Governor would represent a shift in the way we do business in Maine – a shift we will all be proud of. I hope women will put aside everything they can to help get Steve elected in June and then again in November.

Jeannie Matava Mattson
I have worked in Maine politics my entire adult life and I have never felt so strongly about any candidate running for any office as I do about Steve Rowe running for governor. While he has proven experience as a leader in Augusta, he brings a truly unique integrity, compassion and commitment to everything he does. He is a rare find in politics; he will make an outstanding governor. This photo is of my son’s 2nd Birthday Cake – go Steve!

Rita Furlow
I’m supporting Steve Rowe for Governor because of his integrity and honesty. I’ve known him a long time, and I know that Steve will be the kind of Governor who will make us proud; someone who will choose to do what is right over what is politically expedient. Steve has impressed me in every way, and he’s the person I trust to lead the State of Maine, now and into the future.

Donna Overcash
In my nearly 40 year career in public service, I have met few people with the integrity of Steve Rowe. In fact, he is the reason I reentered public policy work after a 20 year absence from Maine. His honesty, sincerity and committment to Maine’s children and their families, Maine’s economy, and our precious environment equals the kind of leadership Maine needs NOW, more than ever. I believe he will fight for the things that matter most not just to me and my family but to all Maine families. I believe Steve is the only candidate in the race who has the experience and vision needed to unleash the full potential of Maine’s people and Maine’s economy.

Leah Bartley
You may recall that the Downeast Pride Alliance (DEPA) endorsed Steve’s run for Governor back in June. While some people thought it was premature, Steve’s leadership & commitment to marriage equality over this summer & fall made it clear to us that we made the right choice! Unlike other gubernatorial candidates, Steve was very vocal in his support: signing editorials, posting on Facebook & sending emails to all of his supporters encouraging their NO vote on Question 1. But this wasn’t all. He also manned the phones & knocked on doors, and in one case to his own political detriment. Then, after the loss he appeared & marched in solidarity with us at the Portland rally. Steve has been there over & over again for the LGBT community, not just for this fight but for many others. The Downeast Pride Alliance will continue to support him in his bid for Governor. This is exactly the kind of leadership we need! As a women, I am very proud to support Steve!

Helen Regan
Steve is the only politician to convince me that he understands that the foundation of high quality public education rests on the quality of life for children from birth to K. We all know education is the key to Maine’s future, and Steve knows that early childhood is the key to successful K – 16 education to follow.

Kate Carnes
Integrity is always in fashion and Steve Rowe has a ton of it. He is not afraid to say what he thinks is true and he does it in a way that is respectful of others. That is so very valuable and refreshing.

Geralyn Johnson
I saw Steve on the Great Debates. He really stood out to me with his confidence and his ideas for our State. Also, I am someone who has been touched by violence as a teen and adult and know first hand the importance of having a leader who will listen to those affected and help by making laws to protect and also to be sure there is justice.

Lauren Sterling
I have had the honor to work with Steve over the past 13 years, as he worked (and I mean WORKED)in the best interests of Maine citizens. Everything Steve touches and cares about is geared towards long-term, systemic improvements and change. Never did Steve ask for credit or seek attention for his ground-breaking policy work to establish the Fund For Healthy Maine putting Maine in the top rankings for using our tobacco settlement funds towards prevention programs across age groups. Steve demanded no credit for his leadership crafting the first policies in Maine to support quality early childhood and care with the establishment of the Start ME Right bill, which was the foundation for the state’s current innovation and successful State Plan for Early Childhood Systems change that includes the first Educare Center in New England. The cleaner air we breath is in part due to Steve’s successful litigation against substandard emissions standards. Steve researches and studies issues then moves strategically and collaboratively to address them. We need Steve’s leadership now.

Deb Landry
I have had the opportunity to experience first hand the incredible strength and reliability of Steve Rowe. While working with Steve and his staff at the Attorney General’s office on legislation for bullying and harassment policies in our schools and with the civil rights issues I observed a dedicated man of his word. His integrity, honesty and admiration for Mainers is unblemished, always following through on his promises. His dignified leadership skills are goal orientated and he leads by example. His persistent work for the women and children of Maine is remarkable and greatly appreciated by this supporter. However that is just one of the many issues he has taken on in his career as a long term Maine public servant. A truly committed leader, Rowe demonstrates humility yet governs with a strong, fair arm and in my opinion the most qualified for the position. That is why I am proud and honored to support Steve Rowe for Governor.

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