Women Rowe-ing

Welcome to Women Roweing!

As soon as Steve Rowe announced his run for Governor, women from all over Maine began organizing to support his candidacy. Here’s why:

  • Steve is one of the foremost voices against domestic violence and sexual assault in Maine and has crisscrossed the state calling upon men to join him in changing the culture that supports men’s violence against women.
  • We like the way Steve does business. He understands the importance of bringing the right people to the table and has a unique ability to receive information, value all perspectives and still be decisive when the time comes to act.
  • Steve is the very definition of integrity – what he believes, what he says and what he does are consistent. This makes him more than a politician. This makes him a leader – and the kind of leader we need.
  • Steve gets it. Having lived as a single dad of three kids, Steve knows that our economic success is tied to the health of our people and families. He knows that to grow a strong economy, our people and families must have access to quality, affordable child care and preventative health care, must have the education and training needed to secure and maintain good-paying jobs and must live in a healthy environment.

We hope you’ll take the time to learn more about Steve and then join us! On this page, you will meet members of Women Roweing, hear why they’re supporting Steve and learn how you can get involved. In these rough economic waters, we’re all in this boat together and the only way we’re going to steer Maine into safe waters is if we all Rowe with Steve in the same direction. Together, we can make Steve our next Governor!

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